We are a Creative Marketing Agency in Dubai focused on differentiating and driving growth for our brands

Epic Communications is keenly tasked to purpose. Every day, we are driven by the urge to do more for our clients and consistently develop bold work that creates value and starts conversations.  We focus on discovering the core of your business challenge, where the solutions are inspired by what is most true and alive in your brand story. Through research, exploration, and refinement, this focus reveals a clarity in your brand essence and a path to authentic and effective communications.

We thrive on challenges and believe each challenge to be inherently mutual, fostering a connection between ourselves and our clients through collaborative exploration. We partner with our clients to gain competitive differentiation, forge new paths in the marketplace, and transform audacious goals into reality.

Together, we can do more.

We create thoughtful marketing experiences for incredible brands

Great design is the foundation of great business.

Epic Communication’s experienced designers are only passionate about the path your business wants to travel. Every project undertaken communicates creativity.

Meet The Team

Inspiring branding specialists: a team of independent thinkers, pioneering strategists and intelligent designers with imagination and flair.

Badr Soueidan

Founder / Managing Partner

A passionate marketer with broad experience in Marketing and Corporate Communications including brand management, PR, media relations, sponsorship and event management, CSR, Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Badr spent over two decades in a variety of challenging roles in the Banking and Advertising industries. He has led the Marketing department at Commercial Bank of Dubai and Mashreq Bank in UAE, and Arab National Bank and Bank Al-Jazira in Saudi Arabia.

Badr holds a BA in Public Administration from the American University of Beirut.

Rawan Soueidan

Project Development Manager

Rawan works with new and existing clients to develop and execute complete content marketing strategies for established organizations and start ups alike. She also works on delivering specialized content marketing services such as social media management, copywriting and content creation.

Her diverse experience allows her to approach each clients business needs, and create brand strategies with a special focus on effective communication, brand positioning and consumer engagement. Her goal is to create campaigns that make an impact and increase a brands revenue month-over-month

Rawan has a BA from the American University of Beirut with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing.

Simi Dean

Account Relationship Manager

A self-driven and highly passionate team leader, Simi is our Account Relationship Manager with 7 years of brand management and marketing experience. Skilled in marketing, branding strategies, campaign development, digital marketing and client relations. She have managed accounts from local & multi-national companies successfully.

Her imagination and ability to think outside the box has no boundaries. She is also a Brand Planner and a Creative Enthusiast with expertise in brand research, project management, developing and implementing creative ideas and solutions to clients. She always love to generate new ideas and devise feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems.

Luther Agda

Multimedia Designer

Luther is our resident animator, video editor, web developer and our expert on all things technological. His technical expertise is visible in great websites and video content that he
produces for our clients.

He is also a talented photographer with the ability to capture crucial moments that has made the headline shot in many of our press releases.

Anthony Cruz

Graphic Designer

Anthony is our English lead designer and video editor. With his background in Information Technology and design, he has worked on all major projects including brand guidelines, logo
and campaigns. With his extraordinary vision and talent, he is able to capture the true essence of the marketing message and produce it as eye catching visuals that capture the end consumers’ attention.

Bassem Nagah

Arabic Graphic Designer

Bassem is a versatile designer with the extraordinary ability to produce stunning designs. He also the Lead Arabic Copywriter producing magnificent Arabic content for all our creatives and press releases. His eye for detail and his talent in image production is second to none.

Rajeesh Raveendran


Rajesh is the company accountant and plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing the daily operations at Epic Communications. With his strong attention to detail, he is able to supervise, track and evaluate our day-to-day activities. This includes our accounts payable/receivable, cash receipts, payroll and utilities, budgeting and much more.

Rajesh received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calicut, India and has been in the UAE for the past five years.